No. 77, April 1999

No. 77, April 1999

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After the War
With the shelling stopped, the Sarajevo Philharmonic struggles to regain its feet By Peter Slavin

Reflecting on Vuillaume
On his 200th birthday, a great maker's instruments go on display in Paris By Patricia Kaden

Master of Early Music
Andrew Manze brings Baroque performance to life By Timothy Pfaff


News & Notes
Arnold Steinhardt. Profile of Andrew Steinhardt and his book on string quartets, Indivisible by Four By Edith Eisler


In Person
Canadian Premiere in Cremona. Report on the Cremona premiere of the film The Red Violin By Patricia Kaden

Fiddle Fandango. Review of San Francisco jazz violin concert By Timothy Pfaff

Verse Virtuoso. Story of conductor Jeffrey Kahane's "Star Spangled Banner" rendition By Meg Eldridge

Winging It on Strings. Report on Montreal's String Improvisation Festival By Mark Chung

Invoking the Day of the Dead. Review of a Kronos concert in San Francisco By Carolyn Dempsey
Tales from the Tour Bus. Report from a touring fiddler By Darol Anger
Improving Scale Speed. Advice on playing scales faster By Jana Luckey

To Our Readers. Request for suggestions on making performance chairs comfortable

More High Shoulder Rests. Suggestion for long-necked violinists

Novice Violinists Over 50. Suggestions for older players on meeting others

Calculating String Tension.

Perfecting Pitch. Suggestions for better intonation

Letter From
Letter from Brittany. Commentary from a bow maker in Brittany, France By Matt Wehling

A Different Sound from Different Strings. Explanation of the materials strings are made of and how they affect sound By Sarah Freiberg

On Stage
Season Openers Soloists and Symphonies Take on New York Review of concerts in New York By Edith Eisler

In Print
Everyone's a Genius Books to Inspire Musicians Review of books on making the most of being a musician By Hollis Taylor

On Record
The Royal Cello Playing the Lead on Recent Recordings Review of solo cello on CD By Edith Eisler

Short Takes
Superb Soloists Recordings Review of Steven Isserlis' CD Cello World By Timothy Pfaff

Superb Soloists Recordings Review of Kennedy's Kreisler CD By Edith Eisler

Superb Soloists Recordings Review of fiddle CD The Weiser Reunion: Benny and Jerry Thomasson By Stacy Phillips

Market Report
News about the marketplace

Summing Up the State of Instrument Sales. Report on current trends in the instrument market By Jessamyn Reeves-Brown

Faciebat Y2K. How Stradivari coped with a changing century on his labels By Joseph Grubaugh and Sigrun Seifert

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