No. 76, February/March 1999

No. 76, February/March 1999

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Pierre Boulez
Conductor and Composer By Timothy Pfaff

Pierre Boulez
On the Podium By Darcy Lewis

Traveling the Genres
Christian Tetzlaff from Bach to Bartok By Edith Eisler

Summer Study '99
Get away from it all to focus on new techniques, new repertoire, and new friends By Various (Yvonne Caruthers, Jana Luckey, Susan M. Barbieri

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News & Notes

In Person
Busman's Holiday. Simon Rattle shows up at a kids' chamber-music class By Meg Eldridge

Kennedy's Comeback. Violinist Kennedy returns to the classical-music scene By Edith Eisler

Violoncello Vamps. Review of a concert by goth-rock cello trio Rasputina By Carolyn Dempsey

Stone Soup. Review of a concert of The Philosopher's Stone By Sarah Freiberg

Bow Damage from Col Legno. Advice on whether playing col legno damages bows By Jana Luckey

To Our Readers. A freelance cellist wonders how to fund a better instrument

William Kroll Quartets. Where to find quartets by William Kroll

Tall Shoulder and Chin Rests. Suggestions on shoulder and chin rests for long-necked players

Letter From
Letter from Summer Camp. Description of a week at Summerkeys By Susan M. Barbieri

Practical Musician
Leaving on a Jet Plane--With Your Instrument. How to travel on a plane safely with your instrument By Jessamyn Reeves-Brown

Play It!
Tarantella de Chavon. Writing a minor blues piece for violin By Hollis Taylor

On Stage
The Philadelphia Story A Stellar Symphony, and More Review of concerts in Philadelphia By Susan Gould

In Print
Fencing With the Master Anner Bylsma Takes On the Bach Cello Suites Review of cellist Anner Bylsma's book Bach, the Fencing Master By Anthony Martin

On Record
A Kronos Quartet Retrospective 25 Years of Experimentation Review of Kronos' ten-CD box set By Hollis Taylor

Market Report
News about the marketplace

A Gathering of Makers. Report on the 1998 VSA conference and competition By Mary VanClay

Man vs. Machine. A competition between traditional and mechanical methods of roughing out a cello top By Mary VanClay

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