No. 71, July/August 1998

No. 71, July/August 1998

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Bass Impulses
Christian McBride turned his childhood love of music into a hot jazz career By Dan Ouellette

Musical Meccas
Players reveal their favorite festivals

What's in a Name
A glossary of instrument lingo By James N. McKean


News & Notes

Mehli Mehta. Profile of conductor Mehli Mehta By Leonne Lewis

Bubenreuth. Description of the instrument-making city of Bubenreuth By Mary VanClay

Finding a Cello Society. Locations of various cello societies By Jessamyn Reeves-Brown

To Our Readers. Query regarding cello endpin holders that do not slip

Unraveling strings. Solutions for strings that unravel prematurely

Finger Cracks. Solutions for tip-of-the-finger cracks

Letter From
Letter from Alaska. A musician explores the fiddling scene in Alaska By Stacy Phillips

Practical Musician
Perking up Private Lessons. Tips on keeping students inspired By Robert Rieve

A Jewel in the Rough. A Baroque cello is restored to its original condition By Sarah Freiberg

On Stage
Notes from New York Chamber-Music Concerts Review of chamber-music concerts in New York By Edith Eisler

In Print
What's for Dessert? Miniatures for Violin Review of sheet music of short works for violin By Christopher Whiting

On Record
Jazzed Up A Survey of Recent Bowed Jazz on CD Review of jazz CDs featuring bowed instruments By Stacy Phillips

Short Takes

Martzy, Molsky, and Ma

Recordings Review of a Franck/Ravel CD by Johanna Martzy By Robert Moon

Recordings Review of the Jon Burr CD "3 for All" By Jeff Fuller

Recordings Review of Bruce Molsky and Big Hoedown's eponymous CD By Stacy Phillips

Videos Review of Yo-Yo Ma's video "Inspired by Bach" By Timothy Pfaff

Books Review of Winston Fitzgerald's book "A Collection of Fiddle Tunes" By Stacy Phillips

Sheet Music Review of the Dover printed edition of the complete Brahms sonatas By Christopher Whiting

Mixed Media Review of Salvatore Accardo's book-and-CD package, "Paganini's Violin" By Robert Moon

Market Report

A New Golden Age. Description of the 1998 Exhibition of American Violin and Bow Makers By Steven L. Shepherd

Mastering the Asian Market. Profile of Hong Kong-based violin dealer Sandra Wagstaff By Jessamyn Reeves-Brown

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