No. 66, December 1997

No. 66, December 1997

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A Perfect Harmony
Violinist Corey Cerovsek lives a life of the mind, music, and mathematics By Timothy Pfaff

Vintage Rose
The Discovery of Leonard Rose's Personal Recordings By Jessamyn Reeves-Brown

Viola Secrets
Two Pros Reveal the Tricks of the Trade By Edith Eisler


News & Notes

The Lake Superior Chamber Orchestra. Profile of Duluth's chamber-orchestra By Andrew Druckenbrod

Lutherie schools in the U.S By Mary VanClay

Violin pickups By Mark Wood

To Our Readers. Query regarding ridding instrument cases of the smell of mothballs

Varnishing the necks of instruments By James N. McKean

Finding British dance music By Stacy Phillips

Letter From
Letter from Ojai. Music festival in Ojai, California By Timothy Mangan

Play It!
A Cellist's Lamentation. Tunde Jegede's music mixes African and western traditions By Matthew Daines

Will Repairs Ruin Your Instrument's Sound?. Discussion of how repairs affect playability and sound By James N. McKean

Market Report

Instrument Insurance 101. Basic rules for getting instrument insurance By Susan M. Barbieri

On Stage
Festive Summer Music Mostly Mozart and More New York concerts reviewed By Edith Eisler

In Print
Forgotten Treasures Newly Published Early Works for Cello Cello music reviewed By Sarah Freiberg

On Record
Beethoven Bonanza Issues and Reissues of the Beethoven Quartets Various quartets (Emerson, Alban Berg, Budapest, Quartetto Italiano, Hollywood) play Beethoven By Timothy Pfaff

Short Takes
Yuri Bashmet plays Hindemith, Britten, Shostakovich By Timothy Pfaff

Orchestras, Huastecos, and Music for Christmas Recordings Chin Kim recordings of Prokofiev and Glazunov By Edith Eisler

BeauSoleil: L'Amour ou la Folie By Hollis Taylor

Dinastia Hialguense: Sonos Huastecos By Stacy Phillips

De Dannan: Hibernian Rhapsody By Stacy Phillips

Craig Duncan: Mel Bay Presents a Fiddling Christmas By Hollis Taylor

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