No. 60, January/February 1997

No. 60, January/February 1997

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Made for Modern Needs
Today's players and makers join forces to re-create instruments of the Baroque By Sarah Freiberg

The Kuijken Brothers
Leaders in Baroque performance reflect on the past -- and possible future -- of the early-music movement By Timothy Pfaff

Bow to Baton
Violinist Peter Oundjian lays down his fiddle and takes up a new career as a conductor By Edith Eisler


News & Notes

The Australian String Quartet. By Edith Eisler

Maker: E.T. Root & Sons. By David Bromberg

To Our Readers. Looking for a custom-made shoulder rest

Instrument cracks. By James N. McKean

Renting school instruments.

Stress -- coping.

Letter From
Letter from Finland. By Niles Hokkanen

Play It!
The Fiddling Styles of Kevin Burke. By Gary Parker Chapin

Practical Musician
The Rules of Engagement. How to join in a jam session By Stacy Phillips

Abstract Art. Function of the scroll By James N. McKean

Market Report

The Instrument Appraisal Why and How to Find an Appraiser By Kerry Keane

A Verbal Appraisal (sidebar) By Mary VanClay

On Stage
Summer Music in Santa Fe A String Lover's Festival By Craig Smith

In Print
Lost and Found The Viola Sonatas of Nikolai Roslawez By Tom Heimberg

On Record
The String Quartets of Bela Bartok and Leos Janacek Playing on Emotions By Edith Eisler

Short Takes
Dvorak. By Edith Eisler

Jean Sibelius; Carl Nielsen. By Timothy Pfaff

Bluegrass Instrumentals. By Stacy Phillips

Jean-Luc Ponty Anthology. By David Balakrishnan

The Violin in Motion (Julie Lyonn Lieberman). By Tom Heimberg

Don Brubaker: El Toro. By Michele Winter

Pachelbel: Canon in D for viola and piano. By Tom Heimberg

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