No. 13, July/August 1989


Sold Out

Jimmy Blanton's "Body and Soul". By Larry Grenadier

Benjamin Britten's Suite for Cello, Op. 72. By Thomas Stauffer

Viola Making A Creative Art By Ralph Ian Rabin

Carlbach Variations Music for Solo Violin By David M. Brin

Texas Hoedown Fiddling Benny Thomasson Style By Jim Wood

Teachers & Students
Musicians and the Alexander Technique. By Fleezanis, Jorga, and Jon Bernie

All Bowed Instruments
Shapes of the Baroque Unreconstructed Instruments on Display By James N. McKean

Music by Threes and Fours The New York Chamber Concert Year By Edith Eisler

Resource Guide, 1989 A Directory of Goods and Services for Musicians and Makers By The Editors

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