No. 102, May/June 2002


An American Odyssey
Mark O'Connor has traveled from Fiddle Contest to Classical Concert Halls. By Kevin McKeough.

In Search of the Source of American Syncopation
By Alan Jabbour.

Unfinished Business
The tangled history of Bela Bartok's final work. By Howard Smith and Elisa M. Welch.

An Elegy for Ethics?
Unbeknownst to buyers, many music teachers get commissions for helping students find instruments. By Susan M. Barbieri.

In Memoriam. Teacher Dorthy DeLay passes on Mach 24, 2002.
Live From the Barbie. A new digital broadcast system installed at the Barbican Centre. Hall to host music of John Adams. By Rufus Purdy.
Olympics of The Violin. Intl. Violin Competition of Indianapolis report: jurors and winners included.
Sphinx Honors. Report from the 5th Annual Sphinx Competition: winners.
The High Road. Yo-Yo Ma's upcoming Silk Road project promises a mixed media, and mixed music experience. By Greg Cahill.
Anger Management. Darol Anger, award winning freestyle fiddler, is on stage and in the studio.
Changing Partners. Beaux Arts Trio announced that Daniel Hope (vln.) is to be replaced by Young Uck Kim.
Passings. Dimitry Markevitch, noted cellist and music scholar, dies in January. By Jeffrey Solow.
The Tip on TMC. After 29 years, Seiji Osawa leaves as music director of Boston Symphony Orchestra; weekend concerts.

To Our Readers . Write to Strings with questions for our Q & A column.

News & Notes
Viola Archive Honored . Primrose International Viola Archive opens March 1 at Brigham Young University.

Cello Finger Positions. Answer to April letter regarding keeping your left-hand fingers close to the fingerboard (cello). By Sarah Freiberg.
Protect Your Hands . Q & A regarding possible Swan II hand deformity (locking pinky finger).
Sequestered Violin. A reader asks the best way to "wear in" an old instrument and when it reaches optimal playing. By Richard Ward.

Fine Tuners Fine tuners vs. Pegs: A teacher writes to remind us all that pegs should be turned often.
Nicely Pegged. Thanks from a reader for F/M 02's piece "When Good Pegs go Bad" (Tom Croen).

The Greek Islands. Under the Aegean Sun--enjoying violin music and the company of friends. Susan Raphael discovers traditional Greek violin music and a good teacher. By Susan Raphael.

Free and Easy. Finding thousands of traditional tunes online is as easy as ABC An introduction and basic "how to" approach to using ABC music software. By Dylan Shorer.

The Reel Deal. 12 questions violinists ask about fiddling. Commonly asked questions from classical players curious about playing traditional fiddle music. By Donna Hebert.

Fever Pitch. A contemporary American composer tackles Argentinean Tango. Interview and music (plus historical background) of classic tango music/American composer E. P. Horn. By Heather K. Scott.

J.S. Bach: 3 Sonatas, et. Al by Amati Music. Reviews of several new repertoire books for cellists from Amati Music. By Sarah Freiberg.
Labor of Love. Dance Ce Soir! Fiddle and Accordian Music of Quebec, by Laurie Hart and Greg Sandell. Review of this newly released Quebecois repertoire book By Paul Kotapish.
Violin Making: A Practical Guide, by Juliet Barker. A new lutherie book illustrates, in text and color photos, the process of making a violin. By Heather K. Scott.
Simon Rattle: From Birmingham to Berlin, by Nicholas Kenyon. This charismatic and accomplished director is profiled in a new biography. By Greg Cahill.
The New Grove Haydn, by James Webster and Georg Feder. Comprehensive guide to Haydn: History, biographical info, and print/recorded music reference lists. By Heather K. Scott.
The New Grove Mozart, by Cilff Eisen and Stanley Sadie. Comprehensive guide to Mozart: History, biographical info, and print/recorded music reference lists. By Heather K. Scott.

Danzon. Turtle Island String Quartet: Evan Price, violin; David Balakrishnan, violin, bariton violin; Danny Seidenberg, viola; Mark Summer, cello. The Turtle Island String Quartet's newest release has a cross over flair. By Greg Cahill.
Fiddlesticks: Fiddlers 4 serves up that old-time religion--and a whole lot more. Fiddlers 4: Darol Anger and Michael Doucet, violin; Bruce Molsky, violin and guitar; Rushard Eggleston, cello. Review of the new quartet's CD. By James Reel.
Ostinato. Hesperion XXI: Jordi Savall, viols de gamba; Manfredo Kraemer, violin; Pablo Valetti, violin. Champion of viols, Jordi Savall, celebrates baroque dance styles with his ensemble Hesperion. By Heather K. Scott.

Gerhard Taschner. Virtuoso pieces by De Falla, Kreisler, Paganini, etc. Violin Sonatas by Beethoven, Brahms, etc. Gerhard Taschner, violin Gerhard Taschner was a prodigy at 18. This 4-CD recording is a set of his radio performances. By Robert Moon.
Harmonice Musices Odhecaton, Ottaviano dei Petrucci. Fretwork: Richard Boothby, et. al. This group, normally focusing on English consort music, explores a new style of songs and dances. By James Reel.

A Modest Start. 2002 rare-instrument auctions off to a crawl. Highlights are minimal from the first auction of 2002 (Bonhams-Phillips). By Heather K. Scott.

Banker's Trust. Canada's oldest stringed instrument shop is banking on the future. Not just a dealer, Geo. Heinl Co. participates with the Canadian instrument bank. By Juliana Farha.

Past Perfect. So you want to get a Baroque bow? Here are a few tips: What to look for and what to know when shopping for a Baroque bow. By Sarah Freiberg.

Bose's new audio system; new NS viola; Boccerini-L cello endpin support; Saga's Cremona SB-2 bass.

Banglewood or Bust. Bang on a Can--renegades of new music--prepare for their first summer music camp. A profile and introduction to this innovative and avant-garde trio and their upcoming projects. By Jane F. Kotapish.

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