No. 62, May/June 1997

No. 62, May/June 1997

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On the Threshold
Cellist Hai-Ye Ni begins her solo career By John Lehmann-Haupt

The Legacy of Bill Monroe
How the Father of Bluegrass made his mark on American fiddling By Jim Wood

Beethoven Immersion
The Emerson String Quartet tackles the master works, in concert and on CD By Edith Eisler


News & Notes
David Finckel and Wu Han. Profile of David Finckel and Wu Han By Edith Eisler

Cases. Restoring old cases

Earplugs and Cadenzas. Protecting hearing, and sources for cadenzas By Sarah Freiberg

Identifying Wood. Identifying a violin's wood By James McKean

To Our Readers. preventing violin hickeys

Custom Shoulder Rests. custom-made shoulder rests

Letter From
Letter from Cairo. Russian luthiers in Cairo By John Marlowe

Practical Musician
Stress and the String Player. Coping with stress By Shannon Mar

The Soul Mate. Adjusting soundposts By James McKean

Market Report
Products and information

The 1996 Hit Parade Interesting and Unusual Instruments and Bows 1996 auction highlights By Mary VanClay

On Stage
The News from New York Winter Season Concerts Concert reviews By Edith Eisler

In Print
Music from Poland A Blending of Eastern and Western Europe Polish sheet music By Tyrone Greive

On Record
Early-Music Expertise from Paris The Quatuor Mosaiques Review of recordings by Quatuor Mosaiques By Timothy Pfaff

Short Takes
Review of Brahms recording By Edith Eisler

Review of Bach recordings By Timothy Pfaff

Choice CDs and Books Recordings Review of Bartok Recording By Edith Eisler

Review of Gay American Composers recording By Russell Platt

Review of a recording by The Hot Club of San Francisco By Hollis Taylor

Review of various CDs featuring cellist Matt Turner By Dan Ouellette

Revew of recording by Kim Angelis: Esperanza By Hollis Taylor

Revew of recording by fiddler Gerry Robichaud By Stacy Phillips

Review of recording by fiddler Bruce Molsky By Stacy Phillips

Choice CDs and Books Books Review of jazz string player David Baker's book By Darol Anger

Review of cellist Victor Sazer's book By Sarah Freiberg

Review of bio of Stravinsky's works By Timothy Pfaff

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