No. 55, May/June 1996

No. 55, May/June 1996

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Maximum Style
Violinist Maxim Vengerov Displays Dazzling Technique and a Thoughtful Approach to Music and Performance By Timothy Pfaff

Bridging the Gap
From an Office Building in a Chicago Neighborhood, an Organization Called Arts Bridge Reaches Out to Artists and Teaches Them to Stay in Business By Darcy Lewis

The Making of a Medium
The Verdehr Trio Uses Performance Halls, Recordings, and Television to Expose Audiences to New Music Written for the Unusual Ensemble By Mary A. Platt


10-Year Index
vengerov. reader letters

News & Notes

Joëlle Léandre. Profile of bassist Joëlle Léandre By Matthew Daines

Distinguishing a good old bow from a poor one By Yung Chin

Achieving vibrato on the violin By Edith Eisler

Nonallergic rosin
Organizing CDs on computer

Letter From
Letter from a Traveling Mom. How a busy freelance musician balances career and family By Sarah Freiberg

Play It!
French Blue for Solo Viola. The musical and artistic inspirations behind Jeffrey Hoover's piece, French Blue By Mary VanClay

The Search for Substitutes. A look at alternative materials for violin and bow making By John Sangster

Market Report

The Fundamentals of Student Bows The Choices in Composition and Cost A look at what constitutes a student bow and what affects its price By Vicki Citron

Auction listings: fall, winter 1995 sales (Bonhams, Christie's, Phillips, Skinner)

On Stage
The Talk of the Town From Soloists to Symphonies Concert reviews By Edith Eisler

In Print
Stuff Smith New Biography Documents a Career Book review of Stuff Smith biography, written by Anthony Barnett By Julie Lyonn Lieberman

On Record
It Takes Guts New Releases from L'Archibudelli CD reviews By Timothy Pfaff

More On Record Beethoven: Complete Works for Cello and Piano, Vol. I CD review By Edith Eisler

More On Record Violin Jazz, Jeremy Cohen CD review By John Kuzmich, Jr.

More On Record Soft May Morn and Celtic Circles, both by Bonnie Rideout CD reviews By Stacy Phillips

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