No. 61, March/April 1997


String Players' Waltz
The collaboration of Mark O'Connor, Edgar Meyer, and Yo-Yo Ma makes a case for America's "new" classical music By David Balakrishnan

Summer Study '97
Your guide to the places to go and the music to play

Summer Study Listings


News & Notes

David Eyges. By Dan Ouellette

Injuries. By Sarah Freiberg

Makers: Karl Zimmer and John Friedrich & Bro.. By Mary VanClay

To Our Readers. How to play from memory

Lefties, ukelins.

Strings: Jascha Heifetz' and Fritz Kreisler's. By Kenway Lee

Custom shoulder rests.

Maker: E.T. Root & Sons.

Letter From
Letter from Lucerne. By James M. Keller

Avoiding Accidents. By James N. McKean

Market Report
Conflicts of Interest How to Spot -- and Avoid -- Them By Mary VanClay

On Stage
An Anniversary Season Honoring Schubert and Brahms By Edith Eisler

In Print
Fiddlers Philharmonic Folk Styles for Young Performers By Michele Winter

On Record
Violin Music of the East Exploring the Masters of Arab, Turkish, and Indian Styles By Stacy Phillips

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