No. 167, March 2009

No. 167, March 2009

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Profile of Violinist Lydia Mordkovitch
Recalling her tenure as a student of the Russian violin master David Oistrakh By Andrew Palmer

Mendelssohn: Master of the Musical Palette
Though short, Mendelssohn's life exerted a powerful influence on his society By Edith Eisler

Two Views on a Mendelssohn Masterwork
Daniel Hope and Nicola Benedetti perform two different versions of Mendelssohn's iconic Violin Concerto, and each is keeping it fresh By James Reel

What Players Love about Mendelssohn's Chamber Music
Five players on the enduring joys of Mendessohn's chamber music, 200 years after his birth By James Reel

News & Notes
News and Notes Julia Fischer records Bach; get Strad savvy; become a YouTube champ; Lev "Ljova" Zhurbin records; Alisa Weilerstein speaks out; plus Bench Marks

News Spotlight
Profile of Music Kitchen, a Homeless Shelter Outreach Project Bringing music to an unserved community By Louise Lee

ASTA's Music-appreciation Program Catching On Kids are introduced to instruments through Discovering Strings and Orchestra program By James Reel

Play It!
The Quebec Fiddle Tradition Louis Boudreault had a big impact on the fiddle music of Quebec. With music to play By Lisa Ornstein

Master Class
Arabella Steinbacher on French Chamber Music Sampling its ethereal essence By James Reel

Teaching Strings
The Importance of Matching a Student to a Method With so many options, which book is best? By Setareh Beheshti

On Record
On Record California chamber-music academy spawns an era-spanning box set; 17-disc anthology gathers David Oistrakh's EMI recordings; plus new CDs by violist Yuri Bashmet, the Tippett Quartet, and others

In Print
In Print Jaap Schroeder dives into the details of Bach's solo violin works, and more

Your Instrument
Identifying a Major Malfunction Some repairs need immediate attention, some can wait. Learn how to tell the difference By James N. McKean

Auction Highlights
The Late Cremonese Rare Rota and Ceruti fiddles take the spotlight at winter auction By Erin Shrader

New Products
New Products BAM Slim Hightech violin case; Codabow Joule for extended range instruments; Melos rosins for viola and baroque instruments By Erin Shrader

Profile of Chamber Ensemble A Far Cry The doors to the future are wide open By David Templeton

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