No. 147, March 2007

No. 147, March 2007

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Great Scot!
Nicola Benedetti has battled a host of critics during a short but promising career By Laurence Vittes

The Young and the Restless
The Jerusalem Quartet rides again. No, not that Jerusalem Quartet By Laurence Vittes

World on a String
Jason Carter employed talent and moxie to land a dream gig with one of the hottest bluegrass bands of all time By Robert L. Doerschuk

Summer Study Guide
A listing of music camps, workshops, retreats, and much more By Tiffany Martini


News & Notes
Benchmarks Bruce Hangen gets dismissed from the Boston Pops, Keith Lockhart decides to leave his position in the Utah Symphony, Allegra Klein and the Bridgehampton Chamber Music Festival, Kyoko Yonemoto wins first prize in a competition and much more

Getting a Leg Up Nadia Sirota talks about Juilliard's new venture By Greg Cahill
Strings 101
I Love Rock and Roll How to arrange your favorite rock song for string quartet By John Reed

Play It!
Danish, Anyone? Fiddling from a Danish perspective By Deborah Greenblatt

Master Class
Give it a Break Learning to obey the speed limits in Mendelssohn's E minor Violin Concerto By James Reel

Crossing Over Thinking through the leap from classical to jazz By Jeremy Cohen
On Record
South Bound Rare radio transcriptions reveal a sweeter side to the jazz-violin legend Eddie South By Stacy Phillips

In Print
How Equal Temperament Ruined Harmony Ventiquattro Capricci per Violino Solo, The Tango Fiddler, and Johann Sebastian Bach
Shop Visit
Minor Miracles Jonathan Cooper's modern masterpieces reflect his old-world training By Jon Wurtmann

Your Instrument
Almost Famous I'm that girl, you know, the one whose viola was stolen By Beth Meyers

New Products
Kevlar Bass Case iPod Recorder, and a carbon-fiber bow encased in wood By Erin Shrader

Family Affair The Leahy family makes music making its top priority By Kerry Dexter

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