Love Songs for String Quartet: At Last and La Vie en Rose

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The perfect romantic tunes for a wedding or ball, these charts deserve a permanent spot on your setlist. From the first chord, your audience will swoon to "At Last," the signature pop hit for R&B singer Etta James.

Playfully, yet gently, perform the smooth, languid sounds of the Edith Piaf classic "La Vie en Rose" at your next gig, and party guests will be transported to a charming bistro in Paris. Bring yourself and your musical colleagues to that place of wonder—share that je ne sais quoi (or ethereal feeling) with quartet members and audience alike.

At last . . . more love songs have arrived from Strings Charts!

Also available is the audio download of each song performed by the Real Vocal String Quartet.

Arranged by Jeremy Cohen.

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