No. 140, June/July 2006

No. 140, June/July 2006

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Big Wheel
By Robert L. Doerschuk

Straight from the Heart
Bassist and pedagogue Francois Rabbath sprinkles his playing method with ample doses of love By James Reel

Living History
Michael Kennedy carries on a proud fiddling tradition on the streets of a restored gold-country town By David Templeton


News & Notes
The Cassatts Turn 20. Famed string quartet celebrates 20th birthday By Edith Eisler

Bench Marks. Kristopher Tong joins Borromeo String Quartet; 8th Berkeley Festival and Exhibition runs June 4 to 11, 2006; select Minnesota Orchestra concerts to be archived online; virtuoso/composer Ali Tajvidi dies at 86; conductor/violist Milton Katims dies at 96 By Greg Cahill

Juilliard's Big Score. Juilliard receives priceless collection of manuscripts, including rare examples of Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven By Greg Cahill

Wildlife Adventure. Marin Symphony fundraiser features 11 violins painted by well-known artists, including Grace Slick and Harold Roe By Greg Cahill

Best of the Beeb. The Takacs String Quartet wins the Disc of the Year Award at the inaugural BBC Music AwardsBy Greg Cahill

News Spotlight
Sonic Youth. Kronos Quartet gears up for new round of composition contest By Tiffany Martini

Practical Musician
Posture Pointers. Make harmony with your body through small adjustments that go a long way By Janet Horvath

Play It!
Muy Caliente!. Hot on the trail of the Calentano violin masters of Tierra Caliente By Matt Sircely

Master Class
A Russian Novel. The Manhattan String Quartet offers a primer on Shostakovich and his quartets By Inge Kjemtrup

String Theory. Gil Goldstein's innovative string charts underscore the role of the jazz arranger By Dave Eggar

Letter From
A Bangkok State of Mind. Andrew Filmer offers a glimpse into Southeast Asia's rich music scene By Andrew Filmer

Buyer's Guide
Time to Get Serious Learn to cultivate good violin-shop relations By Richard Ward

Myth Busters The experts put to rest a few string-world urban legends By Erin Shrader

The Dresser Mare's hair and other details explained by bow-hair dresser Michael Sowden By Erin Shrader

Do I Hear a Second? Getting a second opinion is harder than you think By James N. McKean

Master Craftsman In praise of William Salchow, the dean of American bowmakers By Erin Shrader

In Print
Viola Time Joggers; Time Runners; Joggers Piano Book by Kathy and David Blackwell. Oxford University Press By Heather K. Scott

Past PerfectJ.S. Bach Sonatas BWV 1027, 1028, 1029 for Violoncello and Keyboard. Kate Dillingham turns back the clock to deliver three dazzling sonatas. By Sarah Freiberg

Three Sonatas from the Royal Escorial by Antonio Soler. Transcribed and edited for violin and piano by Samuel Marder By Edith Eisler

On Record
Rock Me, Amadeus!Mozart: The Complete Masterworks The mother of all box sets is a Brilliant success By Laurence Vittes

Brahms: Two Cello Sonatas, Op. 39 and 99; Six Pieces for Piano, Op. 118. David Finckel, cello; Wu Han, piano By Edith Eisler

Steven Mackey: Interior Design. Sonata for Violin and Piano; Interior Design, for solo violin; Humble River for Flute and String Trio. Curtis Macomber, violin; Aleck Karis, piano; Susan Palma-Nidel, flute; Maureen Gallagher, viola; Gregory Hesselink, cello By Edith Eisler

To Be Sung on the Water: Works by Guiseppe Tartini and Donald Crockett. Michelle Makarski, violin; Ronald Copes, viola By Edith Eisler

Dvorák: Trios. The Weilerstein Trio By Edith Eisler

Mozart: String Quartets in C major, K.465 & in D major, K.499. Belcea Quartet By Edith Eisler

Auction Highlights
Market Forces. Musicians are making their mark in the auction houses By Erin Shrader

Musical Manifesto. The bad boy of Cape Breton fiddling is full of surprises By Robert L. Doerschuk

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