No. 37, July/August 1993


Sold Out

Recording with Rostropovich
Learning to Let the Music Speak. By Eugene Drucker.

Recording with Rostropovich
Accompanying a Musical Hero. By Joshua Koestenbaum.

Finding a Balance
Ted Madsen on the Artistic and the Commercial. By Jim Wood.

The Moisture Factor
How to Cope with the High or Unstable Humidity Levels That Can Ruin Your Instrument. By David Burgess.


Music Reviews. Mozart for Violin and Viola Sonatas for Piano and Violin, by Mozart. By Nathan Rubin.

Music Reviews. Mozart for Violin and Viola Sonata in D, by Mozart. By Paul Ehrlich.

Music Reviews. Beethoven's Backer, on His Own Forty Variations, by Archduke Rudolph of Austria. By Nathan Rubin.

Reviews of Recordings. Barber's Romantic Sonata. CD of performances by Yehuda Hanani, cello. By David M. Brin.

Keep it Coming. Everybody's Reaching Out for Someone. The Cox Family's latest release. By Mary VanClay.

Profile. Gunther Schuller. Profile of the composer. By David M. Brin.

Listings. Listings of recently published music and books.

Rosin. The Necessary Evil. The problems of bass rosin. By Mark Morton.

Boccherini's Cello Concerto in B-flat. Evolution of a Work .The history of the currently-familiar version. By Sarah Freiberg.

The Ritual of Repetition. Janice Giteck's Tapasya. Profile of a work based on chanting. By Mimi Dye.

Henryk Szeryng. Master of Bach and the Bow. Profile of the performer. By Rok Klopcic.

Arto Jarvela. The Busiest Man in Finnish Folk Music. Profile of the fiddler who is popularizing folk music in his native country. By Niles Hokkanen.

Spontaneous Invention. Three Kentucky Fiddlers Improvise Variations. Regional and personal variations in old-time fiddling. By Jody Stecher.

Practicing for Artistic Success. Performing with Confidence and Pride. Tips for practicing. By Burton Kaplan.

A look at the current marketability of instruments from the Turin school. By James N. McKean.

Fall 1992 auction sales (Sotheby's, Skinner).

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