No. 87, July 2000

No. 87, July 2000

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Gypsy Journey
Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg finds a new voice with the Assad guitar duo By John Lehmann-Haupt

Engaging Bion Tsang
After awards and management failed to jump-start his career, this cellist made a name for himself By Edith Eisler

Perlmans' Protégés
The Perlman Music Program. Itzhak and Toby Perlman have created a unique summer program for young string players By Julia Zaustinsky

Perlmans' Protégés
Perlman Student Stirling Trent By Steven Welp


News & Notes

Frank Salomon. News profile of Frank Salomon, People's Symphony By Ken Smith

Baggage Woes. Instruments on planes

Matching Cello Strings. Comparing string brands

To Our Readers. String Talk announcement

String-Cleaning Solution. Alcohol pads

Practical Musician
To Memorize or Not?. Discussion and tips on memorizing music By Sarah Freiberg

Opening Up the Secretive World of Varnish. Violin makers and varnish By Samuel Zygmuntowicz

On Record
Foursomes A Summary of String Quartets Review of Quartet CDs By Russell Platt

In Print
Multicelli Chamber Works for Three Cellos Review of printed music for three cellos By Sarah Freiberg

On Stage
Potpourri New York Concerts Review of New York concerts By Edith Eisler

Market Report
News about the marketplace

Finding Good Value in Bows. Guide to shopping for a bow By Mary VanClay

Auction Results. Listing of auction results from February/March 2000

Backstage Moment. A young Joshua Bell with Itzhak Perlman By Mary VanClay

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