No. 99, January 2002


Steven Isserlis
Author, Advocate, Scholar, Sleuth. By Edith Eisler.

Digital Tools for String Players
Get connected to a whole new way of learning and teaching. By Blair Tindall.

From Autograph to Urtext
The ABCs of Choosing an Edition. By Sarah Freiberg.

Condolences and Consolation. Mourning with music: September 11 in concert.

From Sibelius to Metallica. Cello quartet Apocalyptica plays heavy metal but come from classical backgrounds.

Julliard Does Jazz. Julliard implements a jazz studies class for the first time.

Tintinnabulation of the Cells. Cell phone symphonies, plus Gariel Yared's win over France Télécom.

A Clean Sweep. Ten youth ensembles fight for favor at the BISQC, Daedalus takes all the top prizes. By Wes Blomster.

Got Cello? Announcing the 8th annual New Directions Cello Festival.

Mondomusica Hits Cremona. The 14th annual Mondomusica Violin Exhibition is held in Cremona. By Patricia Kaden.

Play Well, Win a Magnum. The 2nd Concours de Quatuor de Bordeaux competition awards wine to winner Quator Psophos quartet. By Patricia Kaden.

In Memoriam: Frank Passa. Well-known dealer and maker dies. By Richard Ward.

In Memoriam: Isaac Stern. A eulogy for the passing of violinist Isaac Stern. By Moshe Noble.

In Memoriam: Jens Nygaard. The energetic conductor and founder of the Jupiter Symphony dies at the age of 69.

The Buzz on Bond. Brit girl quartet, Bond, creates a stir with electric instruments and rock-style fashion.

Steel vs. Aluminum. Addressing the difference between steel-wound D stings and aluminum-wound D strings. By Richard Ward.

The Case for Cases. Answering the question: Does wood continue to grow after cut? Do instruments need to "breathe"? By James N. McKean.

Four Fine Tuners? Why do many instruments only have a fine tuner on the E string? By Richard Ward.

Is It Fresh? How to tell if strings are "fresh." By Richard Ward.

New York City, September 17, 2001 . A letter from Julliard Student, William Harvey, on post-Sept. 11; playing for the soldiers on site. By William Harvey.

Learn It Quick. New music to play? Make the most of limited rehearsal time; how to practice efficiently in a time crunch--alone and in ensemble. By Sarah Freiberg.

Making Movie Music . Composer Todd Boekelheide scores film in a studio full of electronics; visiting the studio of a film score writer; tools of the trade. By Paul Kotapish.

Stay Tuned. All these electronic tuners cover the basics--some do even more. New electric tuners on the market; nine products evaluated and rated. By Teja Gerken.

The "Gypsy" Chameleon. In wartime Europe, violinist-composer Georges Boulanger played to survive. Boulanger's unique personae and playing captivates a wide audience. By Christopher Whiting.

Mostly Mozart--and More .Now is our glorious summer made quiet and somber. A recap of the summer concert series, including Mostly Mozart and Sept. 11 memorial concerts. By Edith Eisler.

As Remote as the Moon . Contemporary New Zealand viola music celebrates the land and its cultures New Zealand composers present viola music with roots in the environment and landscape of the country. By Timothy Deighton.

Isaac Stern's Legacy. Twelve outstanding recordings capture the arc of his career. Several of Isaac Stern's prominent recordings are remembered and revealed. By Benjamin Ivry.

Fire & Ice, Sarah Chang . Chang's new CD reviewed. By Benjamin Simkin.

From Mao to Mozart. The Academy Award winning documentary of Isaac Sterns 1979 visit to China on DVD. By Robert Moon.

Louis Durey: La Musique de Chambre. Ensemble Erwartund; Bernard Desgraupes, cond. Review of the 2 CD-set of little-known string quartets and ensemble music. By Benjamin Ivry.

No Piano In That One. Gilles Apap, violin. Classical and nonclassical stylings from this sometimes fiddler. By Heather K. Scott.

Handel: Complete Violin Sonata.s Andrew Manze, violin. Review of Manze's latest CD. By Elisa M. Welch.

Highlights and listings of Sotheby's, Phillip's, and Bonhams & Brooks' fall auctions.

Techniques for the Contemporary String Player (pts. I,II), video by Julie Lyon Lieberman; Beethoven's Anvil, book by William Benzon; 42 Etudes for Violin, CD by Virtual Virtuoso; CD Sheet Music's CD Libraries, CD sheet music by Theodore Presser; reviews of four learning tools for musicians.

Back to the Future. At the turn of the last century, the Stroh violin was a high-tech wonder. Brief history and profile of the unusual Stroh violin. By Paul Kotapish.

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