Duke Ellington Songs for String Orchestra: Echoes of Harlem and I'm Just a Lucky So and So

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Turn your orchestra into a big band for the night with Duke Ellington's swing classics. The loping bass line, the sinewy horn parts, and the intricate harmonies of "Echoes of Harlem" are translated into an artful arrangement for string orchestra. The warm, chocolaty tones of the viola really shine in this piece.

In this delightful rendition of "I'm Just a Lucky So and So," the violist plays the saxophone and trombone parts while the second violinist sings. The lighthearted song has been recorded by everyone from Tony Bennett to Ella Fitzgerald to Diana Krall.

With these Strings Charts, you'll have the whole audience swinging!


Also available is the audio download of each song performed by the Real Vocal String Quartet.

Arranged by Mimi Rabson.

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