No. 124, December 2004

No. 124, December 2004

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Spanish Explorer
For viola da gambist Jordi Savall, the discovery process is a never-ending journey By Laurence Vittes

Something New
Commissioning a contemporary work can be a rewarding experience By Daniel Felsenfeld

Getting It in Gear
Strings polled 19 contributors and performers to find out which instruments and accessories they hold nearest and dearest… By Heather K. Scott

String Theory
In the search for the perfect string, core plus winding equals harmony By James Keough

News & Notes
Musical Chairs Natasha Brofsky is appointed to the New England Conservatory faculty. John Clayton will lead the jazz program at Centrum in Port Townsend

Orbiting Jupiter Jupiter Strings Quartet wins first prize in the 2004 Banff International String Quatret Competition

The INSO Revisted The Iraqi National Symphony Orchestra prospers from generous stateside benefactors, including the Musicians for Harmony, Inc By Greg Cahill

X Marks the Spot The newly opened Jean Gray Hargrove Music Library on the University of California, Berkeley, campus holds a treasured collection--locked in a vault cryptically called Case X, is a treasure trove of Guiseppe Tartini's artifacts from the Scuola delle Nazioni By Greg Cahill

Passings Artur Toman, an award-winning master violin maker and restorer, passed away on June 9 at the age of 57 after a long fight with chronic lymphocytic leukemia

The Art of Sound The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston plays host to the world-class Sunday concert series, concluding this month with performances from the Musicians from Marlboro (Kim Kashkashian, Colin Jacobsen, Susie Park, and others), and Steven Isserlis By Brooks Whitehouse

News Spotlight
Greenhouse Effect UNCG honors cellist Bernard Greenhouse in his 90th year March 4–6 marks the University of North Carolina Greensboro School of Music's Greenhouse Celebration, in honor of the esteemed former cellist of the Bach Aria Group, and founding member of the Beaux Arts Trio By Brooks Whitehouse

Practical Musician
Double Trouble Quick action can help address potentially debilitating double-crush injuries. How to avoid and deal with double crush injuries (injuries to the shoulder or neck and also near the hand or fingers) By Avram Lavinsky

Strings 101
Up Close and Personal Learning the fine art of transcribing jazz solos can boost your skills as a player. Florida-based musician, clinician, and educator Nicole Yarling shares tips and tricks for learning jazz transcription By James Reel

Play It!
Postcard from Bohemia Paul Bowles' rare Violin Sonata evokes his travels south of the border. Expatriate Paul Bowles, known for his 1949 solo debut novel The Sheltering Sky, began his artistic career as a composer. And he studied briefly with Aaron Copland in the early 1930s By Irene Herrmann

Master Class
Backwards Bowing Befriending the Bach "Sonatas and Partitas for Solo Violin." How to improve the bowing technique called "the tip back" and learn to bring out the lower voice of a double-stop By Katie Lansdale

Letter From
Berlin: The Bell Tolls for Thee In modern Berlin, the old and the new swirl in a fiscal dance of the macabre. A cultural mecca, Berlin hosts a variety of orchestras and opera groups, but most are struggling financially. The author take an intriguing look at this "poor but sexy" city By Christopher Whiting

In Print
Sonata for Two Violins Eugéne Ysaÿ. Reis & Erler/ Carl Fischer, $25.50 By Fritz Gearhart

Updating a Classic New Popper Etude editions provide extensive performance notes. The High School of Cello Playing, op. 73; Fifteen Easy Etudes, Op. 761 and Ten Grand Etudes, Op. 76, by David Popper, edited by Martin Rummel. Baerenreiter By Brooks Whitehouse

Breifly Noted Solos for Young Violists (Warner Bros., $13.95), Beginning Bass with Missy Raines (Missy Raines, $30), Russian Fiddle Tunes for Two Violins (Greenblatt & Seay, $15 +S&H)

Spectrum for Cello The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, £14.95 By Sarah Freiberg

Eloquent Cello Technique David Pereira. Violincello Biz, $24 (shipping incl.) By Mary Nemet

On Record
The American Experience John Adams explores the nation's spirit through a pair of very different recordings. Road Movies, Leila Josefowicz, violin; John Novacek, piano; Rolf Hind, piano. (Nonesuch, 79699-2) By Greg Cahill

Bloch: String Quartets, Nos. 1–4 Griller String Quartet. (Decca, 475 6071) By James Reel

Beethoven: Complete Music for Piano and Violoncello Complete Music for Piano and Violoncello. Miklós Perényi, cello; András Schiff, piano. (ECM, 1819/20) By James Reel

Robin Milford: Fishing by Moonlight The Guildhall Strings with special guests (including violist Clare Finnimore); Robert Salter, music director. (Hyperion, 67444) By Greg Cahill

Ysaÿe: Sontaes Pour Violon Solo Thomas Zehetmair, violin. (ECM, 1835) By James Reel

[re] Bach Lara St. John, violin; with Trilok Gurtu, tabla; Paul Clarvis, percussion; Matthew Sharp, cello; B.J. Cole and John Paracelli, guitars; Brian Gascoigne, organ and arrangements; Magnus Fiennes, composer; and others. (Sony Classical, SK 93022) By Edith Eisler

Bach: Suites Nos. 1, 4, and 5 for Solo Cello Mstislav Rostropovich, cello. (EMI, 5 57748 0 4) By James Reel

Guest House Laurie Lewis, fiddle, guitar, vocals; Rom Rozum, guitar, mandolin, mandola, and vocals. With Todd Sicafoose, bass; Tom Sauber and Craig Smith, banjos; and Nina Gerber and Scott Huffman, guitars. (High Tone, 8167) By Greg Cahill

Johannes Brahms. The Violin Sonatas Peter Csaba, violin; Jean-François, piano. (Praga Digitals, 250187) By Greg Cahill

New Products
Electric Company Respected acoustic-instrument firm plugs in to a new market. Knilling presents the Skyinbow S-Series electric violin, CodaBow releases a new line of advanced-level fractional size bows, Meisel's new 8860 bass, Side Kick accessory bags (for cases), and the Hand Master Plus By Heather K. Scott

Mountain Man Richard "Dobbs" Hartshorne translates his passion—musical and otherwise—into mesmerizing action. One-time member of the Apple Hill Chamber Players, Dobbs speaks about restoring his Colorado mountain home, his stand-up comic career, and his national acclaim as a musician, writer, and composer By David Templeton

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