No. 180, April 2010


All Together Now
The 12 Cellists of the Berlin Philharmonic mark four decades of music making By Louise Lee

The Gould Standard
Is Glenn Gould's solitary string quartet a masterpiece or an unruly child? 55 years after its premiere, the jury is still out . . . By Laurence Vittes

Hey, Paganini, Need a Flame-Spitting, Devil-Headed Fiddle?
E.F. Keebler's outrageous tubular violins belie their humble origins By Christopher Roberts

Guitar Tech Adds to the Evolution of a Violin
Neolin line incorporates frets, tremolo, and other guitar features for a unique approach to violin making By Erin Shrader

Changing the Bow World Through Superior Cool
Rock violinist Mark Wood wants to save the orchestra world, one bat-winged bow at a time By Christopher Roberts


News & Notes
News and Notes Hilary Hahn tackles Bach cantatas with baritone Matthias Goern and soprano Christine Schafer, Anne Akiko Meyers enjoys diverse last-minute engagements, Caroline Goulding earns a discount, Orlando Cole dies at 101 years old, the Shanghai and San Francisco conservatories become sisters, Casey Dreissen celebrates world music, and the San Francisco Symphony garners Grammys, plus News Briefs

News Spotlight
Quake Survivor Vows to Rebuild Music School for Haitian Children From beneath a collapsed building, violinist Romel Joseph pledged to rebuild classrooms at his Port-au-Prince schoolhouse By Greg Cahill

Music Without Borders: Don't Fence Him In The sky's the limit for electro-jazz cellist/composer Dana Leong By Louise Lee

On My Music Stand
On the Joys (and Risks) of Collaboration with a Composer The Theofanidis Cello Concerto reaches the lyrical heights of the instrument, says Nina Kotova
Teaching Strings
15 Ways to Put the Play Back into String Playing Educational games can help to engage young students By James Reel

Practical Musician
Better Performance Is Just a Few Breaths Away Learn these two breathing techniques to calm body and mind before taking to the stage By James Reel

Strings 101
How to Use Sports Psychology to Develop a Performance Plan Mental lapses and stress on the concert stage may be overcome by developing mental toughness in the practice room By James Reel

Play It!
Cookin' in the Kitchen "Kitchen Girls" crosses a string quartet and a string band By Dina Maccabee

Master Class
Marking the 100th Anniversary of Samuel Barber's Birth Curtis Institute players remind us there's more to his String Quartet, No. 1, Op. 11, than just the famous Adagio for Strings By Laurence Vittes

Strings Trade
Strings Trade Moennig & Son closes its doors, BAM turns 30, auction previews, and a musical instrument museum opens in Phoenix, plus Bench Marks

Your Instrument
Heads Up! A Customized Chin Rest Has Many Benefits Improved posture and balance are reasons to consider a specially fitted chin rest By Louise Lee

New Products
New Products Samson Airline Synth system; Bow Hold Buddies; LightCable for Strings; plus Classic Gear item Aubert De Luxe bridges By Erin Shrader

In Print
In Print Haydn's Seven Last Words; and Dancing Duets for Violin and Cello, Elementary Cello Trios, and Intermediate Cello Trios by Latham Music

On Record
On Record Mandelrings release final volume of Shostakovich quartet cycle; Nikolaj Znaider plays Elgar's Violin Concerto in B minor, Op. 61; Ensemble Resonanz tackles works of Manuel Hidalgo; Hasse Borup records Gade's 3 Violin Sonatas; and Casey Dreissen releases Oog

Skye Pilots The Peatbog Faeries craft a high-flying mix of Scottish traditional music, rock, jazz, and R&B By Greg Cahill

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