No. 158, April 2008

No. 158, April 2008

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Waltz Violinist Andre Rieu Profiled
Violinist Andre Rieu on the secrets of his success (eye contact!), the importance of connecting to one's audience, even in a sold-out basketball arena, and why he wants to be the first violinist to play a waltz in space By David Templeton

Jazz Violinist and Composer Zach Brock Profiled
Meet a musician who has traveled a sometimes weird, always winding path. And he wouldn't change a thing By Donna Shryer

The Orion Quartet Debuts a Del Tredici Quintet
On journeying to the core of a newly commissioned work By Laurence Vittes

A Report on Electric-Instrument Research
Joseph Curtin reports on his search for the perfect electric violin and his surprising results By Joseph Curtin

Report from the Oberlin Violin-Making Workshop
The key ingredient in building great violins is more than wood and glue By Erin Shrader

Luthiers Offer a Helping Hand
Luthiers and string players are joining together to help musicians in developing nations By Patrick Sullivan

Five-String Fiddles Are on the Rise
Five-string violins are meeting the challenge, raising the bar By Darol Anger

News & Notes
New Director for the New Century Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg will be taking the yoke as music director of the New Century Chamber Orchestra
Plus a set of Paganini works unearthed; Tasmin Little posts free music; violinist Joseph Hokai Tang busted for bilking the San Francisco Bay Area violin trade; and more; plus Bench Marks By Rory Williams

Practical Musician
You Don't Have to Go Pro Making it at not making it as a professional musician By Emily Wright

Strings 101
Navigate Those Tricky Double-Stops Simple steps to mastery By Mimi Rabson

Play It!
'Avalon' for Violin Trio Discover what a swing-jazz playing style can do for your interpretation skills—with audio recordings! 'Avalon' is excerpted from the Swing-Jazz Violin with Hot-Club Rhythm book By Jeremy Cohen

Master Class
A Closer Look at Virgil Thomson's Cello Concerto This neglected work is due some attention By Laurence Vittes

Improve Your Intonation with Tartini Tones These little-known phenomena are keys to perfecting double-stops By Christopher Brooks

On Record
From Russia, with Love Carpe Diem Quartet rescues obscure Taneyev chamber music Plus new CDs from Livia Sohn; the Arditti Quartet; Vadim Repin; and the Peabody Trio

In Print
Discovering Eisler An edition of Hanns Eisler's Die Reisesonate reflects much of the turmoil that marked his times
Plus The Fiddler Playalong Viola Collection; Suite from 'West Side Story' for Violin and Piano; and Ragtimes for 2 Violins

Shop Visit
Shop Visit with Bow Maker John Aniano Adapting his craft to an ever-changing world By Erin Shrader

Advertiser Index
Strings 158 Advertiser Index A list of the advertisers from the April 2008 issue

New Products
Smart Stuff Manikken's wall-mounted storage solutions; a mid-level Musafia case; and a foot pedal to turn the pages of your digital score By Erin Shrader

Fiddler Steve Gardner's Celtic-Punk Group, Culann's Hounds An up-and-coming band offers eye candy and virtuosic fireworks By David Templeton

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