No. 148, April 2007

No. 148, April 2007

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Heart Full of Soul
Violinist Jennifer Koh has reached beyond the confines of the typical virtuoso By James Reel

Hat Trick
Carla Kihlstedt redefines the violinist's role in modern music By Eliana Fiore

Octavio's Dilemma
A luthier labors in the highlands of Mexico, searching for an alternative to pernambuco and worrying that success could bring hardship By Julie Kubal

Future Shock
Innovation Exposition gives a glimpse into the next generation of instruments and bows By Erin Shrader

Thinking Outside the Bow
Gilles Nehr's innovative tête-bêche sticks it to hundreds of years of tradition By Patrick Sullivan

Midnight Run
A group of America's finest bow makers capture the flavor of old Mirecourt during one marathon session . . . And pay for a few beers in the bargain By Matt Wehling

News & Notes
Healing Harmonies Requiem for Darfur Concert cellist Phyllis Young helps build Italy's emerging strings pedagogues; Evan Price of the Turtle Island String Quartet reunites with his stolen violin; Mark O'Connor's ode to Johnny Cash; Violinist and Staff Sgt. Erika Sato says good-bye. By Tiffany Martini

New Century, New Leader Axel Strauss, Krista Bennion Feeney, Cho-Liang Lin, Stephanie Chase, Geoff Nuttall, Barry Shiffman, Robert Vernon, Jassen Todorov and many others make the headlines

News Spotlight
Across the Great Divide Daniel Barenboim brings the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra to the United States for groundbreaking residency By Simone Solondz

Strings 101
Gimme Thumb Lovin' Unlocking the thumb is the key to fluid cello technique By Joel Becktell

Master Class
A Whole Lotta Sonata Exploring Mozart's Sonatas for Violin and Piano By Edith Eisler

A Heavyweight Champion Approaching Shostakovich's Violin Concerto No.1, Op. 77 By James Reel

On Record
Catching the Trane Turtle Island Quartet hitches a ride on a jazz giant By Robert L. Doerschuk

In Print
Martin Bresnick's String Quartet No. 2, "Bucephalus". Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: A Biography; Cello Concerto in Bb major for Strings and Double Bass by C.P.E. Bach.; Edouard Lalo: Concerti in D minor for Violoncello and Orchestra, and more reviews

On Stage
A Few Fine Friends Steven Isserlis enlists Bell, Neubauer, and Denk for New York chamber concerts

Polish and Passion Michael Cleveland's technical fluency and raw aggression put him in a league of his own By Robert L. Doerschuk

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