No. 109, April 2003


The Secret of Their Success
After nearly 14 years and a recent personnel change, the St. Lawrence String Quartet is still adventurous, exciting, energetic—and just a little bit crazy. By David Templeton.
At the prestigious Center for Advanced Quartet Studies, Earl Carlyss helps players find deeper meaning in their art. By Christopher Whiting.
Stepping Up
Time for a new ax? Tips on finding great sound for under $5,000. By Sarah Freiberg.
Modern Sound
Contemporary instruments face a lingering, if mild, prejudice among symphony players and conductors. By James Reel.
Open Studio
Luthiers loosen up at the Oberlin Vioiln Making Workshop. By Patrick Sullivan.

Artful Violins. LACO member, Sarah Yates, spearheads an art exhibit featuring painted violins.
Bluegrass Awards. Top honors and awards from the International Blue Grass Festival, etc.
Celtic Twist. Caroline LaVelle joins the Chieftains. By Greg Cahill.
Texas Tributes. Round Top Festival honors and schedules. 

Viewers Like You. PBS-TV to broadcast a documentary on Juilliard on American Masters.
Young Russia. Yuri Bashmet is the youngest person to be appointed a professorship at the Moscow Conservatory. 

The Lights of Londontown. Report on the Park Lane Group's Young Artist Concerts. By Inge Kjemtrup.
Big Wigs. Paul Kildea is the new artistic director for London's Wigmore Hall.

'Bout Time, Vienna! The Vienna Philharmonic finally inducts its first woman in the group's 158-year history (a violist).

Long Live the King. Cellist Thomas Demenga releases a new double album of Bach cello suites. By Daniel Felsenfeld.
Yfrah Neaman, violinist and teacher, and Stephen Kates, cellist and educator.
Pearl Violin . Luthier Johnathan Cooper donates a new violin to the Mark O'Connor fiddle camp in Pearl's honor. By Greg Cahill.

Bass Bar Repair. Buying an instrument that needs bass bar repair. By James Cave.
Four-String Fling. A reader questions why a player would take a part a bow and play with the stick under the neck. By Elisa M. Welch.
Lycons be Bygones. A reader wonders where to find a replacement for his Lycon metal bass strings. By Toni Buffa.

To Our Readers. Write to Strings info.

Resumé Required. How to compile your professional credentials to get an edge in the workplace. A how-to guide on building a successful resume/CV. By Robert L. Doerschuk.

Good Vibrations. Phyllis Young offers tips on developing beautiful vibrato tips on vibrato for violin, viola, and cello. By Greg Cahill.
Good Vibrations. Phillis Young offers tips on developing beautiful vibrato. Steps to better vibrato techniques for young and beginning players. By Greg Cahill.

Forgotten Masterpiece. Rebecca Clarke's viola music speaks for all times. Rebecca Clarke's unique musical style and life. By Helen Callus.
The Jig is Up . "Banish Misfortune" reconsidered: How a Celtic chestnut won the hearts of Irish fiddlers. The much loved, and hated, tune's history and a new twist on the arrangement by Anger and Hayes. By David Templeton.

A Musical World's Fair. Northwest Regional Folklife Festival resounds with voices from the global village. A visit to Seattle's NRFF and a focus on the community's fun festival. By Clyde Curley.

Life and Legacy . The short, exceptional life of Emanuel Feuermann. Review of Annette Morreau's new book on the life of Emanuel Feuremann. By David Templeton.
Ludwig van Beethven: String Quaret in A Minor, Op. 132. Edited by Emil Platen Review of the musical edition. By Jeffrey Solow.
Parallels and Paradoxes: Explorations in Music and Society. by Daniel Barenboim and Edward W. Said. Book review. By David Templeton.
Tipbook: Cello . By Hugo Pinksterboer. Book Review. By Heather K. Scott.
Tipbook: Music on Paper--Basic Theory . By Hugo Pinsterboer. Book Review. By Heather K. Scott.

Hezekiah's Hagiography. New CD series spotlights jazz violin greats. Review of Anthony Barnett's three CDs spotlight Stuff Smith, Robert Crum, Ray Perry. By Matt Glaser.
Berg: Violin Concerto;Lyric Suite; Three Orchestral Pieces. Rebecca Hirsch, violin; Eri Klas conducts the Neterhlands Radio Symphony. Orchestra Review of the recordings. By James Reel.
Beethoven: Complete Violin Sonatas. August Dumay, violin; Maria Joao Pires, piano. Beethoven: Complete Cycle of Trios, Vol. One. Kalichstein/Laredo/Robinson Trio CD Review. By Edith Eisler.
Bliss: String Quartet no. 1 in B-flat major; String Quartet in A major; Conversations for Flute, Oboe, Violin, et. al. Maggini Quartet; Laurence Jackson and David Angel, violins; Martin Outram, viola; Mical Kaznowski, cello; with Nicholas Daniel, oboe; Michael Cox, flute. CD Review. By James Reel.
Lekeu: Violin Sonata in G. Chausson: Concert for Violin, Piano, and String Quartet. Elmar Oliveira, violin; Rober Koenig, piano; Vista Nuova Ensemble: Rigis Iandiorio and Abraham Appleman, violins; Sandra Robbins, viola; Maxine Neuman, cello. CD Review. By James Reel.
Prokofiev: String Quartet No. 2, Op. 92; Ballade Op. 15; Adagio from Cinderella, Op. 97b; Cello Sonata, Op. 119. Prazák Quaret: Váaclav Remes and Vlastimil Holek, violins; Josef Kluson, viola; Michal Kanka, cello; with Jaromìr Klepác, piano. CD Review. By James Reel.

Pump Up the Volume . A new generation of compact acoustic amplifiers reviewed. An outline of four café amps, as reviewed by a variety of players with different setups. By Teja Gerken and Heather K. Scott .

Flexible Volume . Microphone-pickup combo installs with no fuss plus Yamaha's new AV5, Palatino's new PlayerPac, Liberty Vioiln Case. By Elisa M. Welch.

Hip Trip. Ethel delivers a high-octane sound that dares to be different. The "band" Ethel breaks stereotypes--playing a variety of music in a multitude of settings. By Daniel Felsenfeld.

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