No. 101, April 2002

No. 101, April 2002

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Power Play
Did top violin dealers pluck a client in a major swindle? A pair of high-profile lawsuits offer a rare glimpse inside the lofty world of rare instrument sales. By Kevin McKeough.

Made to Order
Spotlight on the special duet formed by musicians and those who build their instruments. By David Templeton.

New Chips Off the Old Block
Luthiers carve the future of acoustic bowed instruments. By Paul Kotapish.

From Russia, with Love
Alexander Sitkovetsky's year of living famously. By Andrew Palmer.

Paper Chase
Bach cello suites: the critical editions. By Jeffrey Solow.

News & Notes
Pay to Play. Overview of pay to play online services and satellite radio.

Q&A The Shipping News. Advice on international shipping of instruments. By Richard Ward.

Shake, Rattle & Road. Simon Rattle joins the New Century Chamber Orchestra for anniversary. By David Templeton.
The Write Stuff? Report on machine-manipulated composition .
Border Crossing. Orchestra of the Californias.
Brave New World. Report on Carnegie Hall website for kids. 

Bobbin' Along. Robert Craft lifetime achievement award. 

Cello There! Carlsen Cello Foundation, which lends high-quality cellos. By Sarah Freiberg.
Peace Prize. Gidon Kremer UNESCO award.

Retiring Strings. When should you change old strings. By Richard Ward.
Saluting Pinky Sydrome. Problems with locked finger joints. By Elisa M. Welch.

Port Townsend, Washington. A bow maker's haven on the shores of Discovery Bay; describes the five bow makers living and working in the Seattle area, including Ole Kanestrom. By Matt Wehling.

From Fear to Freedom. Developing a nondrug strategy for combating performance anxiety; discussion about finding a new perspective to deal with stage fright. By Gabriel Sakakeeny.

Agony and Ecstasy . Inside Morimur: Christoph Poppen and Helga Thoene explain the hidden messages in Bach's D-Minor Partita; Poppen talks about the Morimur recording. By Christopher Whiting.

The Big Fiddle. The cello is a comfortable fit in traditional Scottish music; use of the cello in 18th and 19th century Scottish folk music. By Michael Robinson.

Take a Bow. A pair of noteworthy books of interest to cellists, Cambridge Companion to the Cello and French Cello Sonatas. By Jeffrey Solow.
American Mavericks. Review of the book American Mavericks, Visionaries, Pioneers, Iconoclasts. By Greg Cahill.

Heart of Glass. In appreciation of a much-maligned American icon--Philip Glass. Review of five-CD Philip Glass retrospective By Greg Cahill; misc.,Tango Brasilero; St. Lawrence String Quartet's Tchaikovsky quartets; Stephane Grappelli, Live at the Cambridge Folk Festival; Vivaldi, Stabat Mater; Airs Baroque Francais with Baroque orchestra Les Folies Francois' Benny Martin, Andrew Manze, Eroica Trio.

Family Affair . For four generations, the Rivoltas of Milan have harvested tonewoods; lutherie suppliers. By Patricia Kaden.

P&H Shades Bows; Wittner tailpiece; Aspire bows; Yamaha acoustic violins. By Heather K. Scott.

Looking Back 2001: Controversy and the conservative market overview of the 2001 auction market. By Heather K. Scott.

Mexican radio . For Kronos Quartet, it's a whole Nuevo world; interview-based feature about Kronos Mexican-influenced CD. By David Templeton.

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