No. 69, April 1998

No. 69, April 1998

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The Unforgettable Stéphane Grappelli
At the centennial mark, musicians remember a one-of-a-kind jazz fiddler.

Competing Abroad
Advice from those who've been there, from dealing with jet lag to playing well.

Competing Abroad
The Nuts and Bolts. By Elizabeth Dossa.

Competing Abroad
Looking Back. By Edith Eisler.

Goodbye, Stéphane
Musicians remember a one-of-a-kind jazz fiddler.

I Remember Steph
By Darol Anger.

Carrying On
By Mark O'Connor.

Teacher--and Friend
By Jean-Philippe Viret.

A Friend of Many Talents
By Sorab Modi.

Following Stephane and Finding Myself
By David Balakrishnan.

Master of Communication
By Martin Taylor.

The Composer
By Marc Fosset.

Have Passport, Will Play
American players find opportunities around the world. By Jana Luckey De Mita.


Delving into 400 Years of British Violin Making. The Royal Academy of Music's exhibition of "400 Years of Violin Making in the British Isles." By Andrew Palmer.

Beating Bow Bugs. A violin shop owner's tips for getting rid of bow bugs.

Humidity. What's the correct humidity range for an instrument? By James N. McKean.

To Our Readers. Query about healing cracks on fingertips

Alexander Technique. Further description of the Alexander Technique

Bow Warping. A shop owner's advice on how to deal with a warped bow, and how to rehair it.

Letter from Shandong Province. A violin teacher talks about her year teaching at a Chinese university. By Karen Iglitzin.

Junior Year Abroad. The author discusses her junior year in Salzburg encourages today's students to study overseas. By Sarah Freiberg.

Packing for Paradise. The author describes her residency in the Dominican Republic. By Hollis Taylor.

China Grooves. The Beijing Jazz Festival Takes Off. The fifth annual jazz festival in Beijing reflects growing enthusiasm for the genre. By Dan Ouellette.

New Repertoire. English Viola Music Comes to Light. A new series of viola solos and chamber music pieces from England. By Michael Freyhan.

The Russians Are Coming. The Soviet Breakup Releases a Flood of Priceless Recordings. Review of discs by Oistrakh and Rostropovich. By Timothy Pfaff.

From the Art of Conducting to the King of Kansas City. Recordings Great Conductors of the Past. By Russell Platt.

Mozart and Bruch trios, played by Suk. By Edith Eisler.

King of Kansas City: Claude Williams. By Stacy Phillips.

Cliff Bruner and his Texas Wanderers. By Stacy Phillips.

Fourteen Jazz and Funk Etudes by Bob Mintzer. By Darol Ange.r


Should You Buy Overseas? The pros and cons of shopping for an instrument while abroad. By Mary VanClay.

Winning a Bid for Benny's Fiddle. Charles Avsharian buys the Vuillaume formerly owned by Jack Benny. By Timothy Pfaff.

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