American Folk Songs for Intermediate String Orchestra

American Folk Songs for Intermediate String Orchestra

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Delight audiences with these Strings Charts arrangements that celebrate America's diverse musical heritage. "Sally Goodin'" has been recorded by artists steeped in a number of American styles, and this arrangement draws from old-time, Texas-style, and bluegrass influences. Be ready to brush up on your chopping and chord-comping techniques to bring this lively tune to life. "Wayfaring Stranger" is a traditional American spiritual with an easygoing vibe. Bill Monroe enthusiasts will feel his influence in this arrangement, as well as a subtle jazz flavor inspired by guitarist Tony Rice.

**Please note that the violin III and viola parts contain the same music, but are written in different clefs to allow for flexibility in available instrumentation. These pieces may be performed with either violas or violin III's or any combination of the two.**


Includes full score and parts.

Arranged by Andy Carlson.

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